Read this blog to learn about the top 5 winter beauty red flags that essentially can affect your skin’s health and are not cost-effective.

Your skin is your first priority, no matter what. With changing seasons, your skincare routine should also change. As you see, our favourite winter is all prepared to embrace you with its icy hands, so we must prep too. Today, we are here to discuss the top 5 winter beauty red flags that might enlighten you and your skincare regimen.

What are “beauty red flags”?

Well, to define “red flags,” we must say that we are here to talk about some products or skin habits that are harmful and threatening for your skin type. As you know, red flags indicate danger. So do these skincare products that have a minimal contribution to boosting your skin’s health.

Many of us are least bothered about changing our skincare habits with the changing season. To specify the skincare habits we must and must not resort to, we should know about the winter beauty red flags. So here we go. While we discuss the regular skin habits, you might want to note them down for now and forever.

Top 5 Winter Beauty Red Flags:

Winters are usually harsh in nature, and they steal the necessary oil from your skin, affecting the pH balance. Hear us out to ensure glowing skin this winter.

  • Say no to hot showers– Hot showers are comfortable, but when it comes to your skin’s health, they are indeed harmful. Hot showers tend to dry up your skin at a faster pace. They also rob your skin of its natural oils and moisture. In fact, the healthy bacteria gets removed easily. Moreover, hot showers cause itching, redness, and inflammation of skin cells. Better go for lukewarm water in winter to keep your skin moisturised naturally.
  • Avoid harsh exfoliators– Exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. You might assume that winter does not demand exfoliation because your skin might dry up more. But, exfoliating twice a week is utterly important, as it removes the dead skin cells and stubborn dirt particles easily. Often, there are innumerable products with harsh chemical compositions, and when it comes to exfoliation, there is no dearth of such products in the market.

We suggest you try these homemade exfoliating recipes:

Coconut oil, honey and brown sugar are wonderful exfoliators. Coconut oil and honey make your skin soft and smooth. Mix an equal amount of honey and coconut oil, balancing the consistency with brown sugar. Mix well, and store it in a jar. You can use the mixture twice a week all through the winter to obtain the desired skin texture in a wink.

  • Don’t skip your sunscreen– Skipping sunscreen is a big blunder in your winter skincare routine. While you apply sunscreen, try to get an SPF of at least 30. Winter does not guarantee a mild summer. The strong and harmful UV rays continue to penetrate into your skin pores as they are. Better carry your sunscreen wherever you go, whatever you do. Even if you are at home, on your couch under the roof, or basking in the sun, do not forget your sunscreen. For making scrubs to remove your tan at home, you can rely on coffee or smashed banana scrubs filled with antioxidants to fight the tan and visible stress on your skin surface.
  • Don’t forget your moisturizer– An inseparable part of winter is moisturization. Moisturizers are so important that without them, your skin develops myriad issues like dryness, cracked skin, dehydration, and many more. Keep a moisturiser always within your bag. Moisturize your hands frequently. Use a different moisturiser for your skin and body. Aloe vera is a magical moisturising ingredient. You can also plant aloe vera on your balcony and reap its maximum skin benefits.

Now, we go with some general skin care tips for winter. The reducing temperatures do not demand drinking plenty of water. But keep hydrated as much as possible. Your body requires at least 2 litres of water every day. Drink water and avoid dehydration. Also, never forget your lip balms, eye creams, and face serums. They can make your winter enjoyable and boost your skin’s health.

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